Episode 8

Published on:

15th Sep 2021

How to Grow Your Business Like Amazon - New Leadership Principles

In the latest installment of How to Grow Your Business Like Amazon, Steve explores a new wave of leadership principles entering the fold at Amazon. With Jeff Bezos stepping down as CEO, and Andy Jassy taking his place, Jassy brings a unique perspective along with two new principles.

Listen as Steve explores each of the principles and how they are crucial for carrying Amazon into their next chapter with Jassy. At the core of each principle lies the notion of employee attraction and retention.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another enlightening conversation highlighting the newest leadership principles at one of the world's most successful businesses.


0:15 - Discussions during past episodes on leadership principles

1:50 - Adding two new leadership principles for the first time since 2015

2:15 - Original principles within the company

6:18 - The 1997 letter to employees

7:59 - Recognizing the importance of finding and retaining good employees

10:00 - Acknowledging claims on how poorly Amazon employees have been treated in the past

12:00 - Striving to be earth's best employer and the safest place to work

16:00 - Programs put in place to make workers safer all around

19:40 - Principle 15: Success and scale bring broad responsibility

23:45 - Principle 16: Strive to be earth's best employer

26:20 - Closing remarks and information on how to reach Steve

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